Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sky Rats

Now Pigeons or Sky Rats as I call them are a very overlooked enterprise in today's modern agricultural age. When one looks at the possible revenue streams they could add to their modern Homestead the lowly Pigeon may very well be a great source for income while not encumbering to much of one's time.

The time has come for the lowdown on my pigeon venture(s). The above pics are of my birds in my mighty loft. The top pic is of a couple of my fancy homers I can breed these and sell the offspring for about ten bucks each once they are weaned. This is a pretty decent return on your money especially if you can find a source for free grain and pigeons don't eat much. The second pic is of a group of barn pigeons I've captured while messing around my barn at night. The procedure is very simple, shine a light in their eyes and catch them with a fishing net. Put them in the loft and away we go. Then get in contact with your local dog trainers and sell them at three to four dollars each. I used to get real aggressive with it and would go out and catch them and would sell many many pigeons until I acquired pneumonia from the pigeon crap i was ingesting. That brings up my next point, always wear a dust mask because pneumonia is far from the worst thing you can get from these flying disease bags. Back to selling them, I always try to keep a few on hand and not stress my good hunting spots to hard. I like to visit them every once in a while and catch what I can and let the rest repopulate the hunting ground. This logic is different from my original approach of catch them all and go back later to get the last three. At this current time I probably have 15 pigeons living in my barn who aren't in my loft, several of which are setting on eggs. I try and catch their squabs (baby pigeons) when they are feathered and working on flying, they are easy to catch and can survive just fine until they are good flyers. Good Luck with the pigeons

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