Saturday, May 2, 2009

Canine Confusion

The chaos continues here at our mighty little homestead. I got the cross fencing done on the south pasture so that my intensive grazing program can go into effect. We bought three Holstein bottle calves the other day. The weather has been wonderful one moment then hail and snow the next. I did find a herd (3) of wild goats out on the desert. Their capture and addition to my herd is inevitable now. I guess yall are wondering about the pics well the Basset pup I put on because I think she is cute. The momma eating the Popsicle is Eloise my beloved Basset female. Eloise and my daughter Adelia are both helping out in this picture, Eloise is nursing three goldendoodle puppies from one of our other dogs. In the past Sadie who is the mother to the Doodles hasn't been able to care for all of them and will pic out a few to neglect. This litter was no exception so we decided Eloise and a little goats milk might do the trick. The puppies seem to be doing fine and it has been a few days (the pics are a few days old) the pups live with their Basset stepbrothers and sisters full time and Eloise doesn't seem to mind them being around. Eloise doesn't care for them nursing a whole lot and hence Del with the popsicle keeping her appeased.

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  1. Hey there, I love your blog. I just got done reading every post you have written. Keep it up, can't wait for more posts.