Sunday, April 19, 2009

Go Hog Go!

These are my hogs. They are a great set of hogs, I got them in February and they have been growing extremely well. The deal with these Hogs is that they aren't really my project as much as a cumulative project of five different parties one of which is myself. They are all except one owned by my friends who have no place for a Hog at their own place, so they all stay here. I am blogging about them because a swine enterprise can play an important role in an Agriprenuer's operation. They are efficient converters of surplus foods, crop aftermath, food supply byproducts and grains into quality pork. I see real potential in the burgeoning heritage markets. One could pick a breed, raise and sell breeding stock as well as produce higher quality pork than is readily available on the open market. This can all be done on a relatively small piece of ground. When I get to my new and bigger farm I would love to get a more indepth facilities in which I could move into the breeding arena and then I could really crank out the pork. My choice for breeds would at this time be either the Berkshire or the Hereford.

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