Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sticks for sale

I was out in my garden yesterday looking at all that needed to be done and stood there wondering what to do with my raspberry patch. I just received my order of yellow raspberry starts from someplace i ordered from. I tend to get a bad case of spring fever every February this year i had it in January and February and in a delirious and feverish condition I placed several orders with several different seed purveyors who eagerly try to win favor with me in my weakened condition. Back to the raspberries, I got to thinking about all of the cane i needed to cut out from last year and i thought about the good plants that have volunteered outside of their predetermined areas and what a waste it is to till them under. Then the idea came to see if I couldn't move a few of them on Craigslist. One day later I have had several responses and two or three different people coming to dig some up. The beauty of it is they come and do my work for me and pay me a dollar per cane and we both are happy about it. I feel a bit like Tom Sawyer. That reminds me my picket fence is in desperate need of a paint job.

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