Monday, April 13, 2009

Aquaculture Indoors

A few years back I was driving down the road and sighted a yard sale. I promptly swung around and toured the goods being offered that day, after a small amount of haggling I was on my way home with a 55 gallon aquarium and stand all of which was placed proudly in the front room of our small Pocatello home. My wife seemed to tolerate it fairly well, very well compared to the Hamster Ranch (but that is another story entirely). I had recently sold most of my beef cow herd and was needing something and i figured a fish herd could proxy for a cow herd. It seemed to work fairly well and gave me something to learn about. Now five years later I still have fish, many of Them in fact. I found that they fit very well into my diversified and intergrated business model. They provide a fertilizer rich water when the tanks are cleaned which is great for the garden. They also provide an ambiance that I really enjoy as well as fish which I can market and make a little scratch. I guess I better get into the fish and exactly what they are. Most people when someone raises fish on their farm in Idaho they assume Trout. That is not the case these are tropicals. I raise platys and Plecos and have raised Swordtails, Mollies, Guppies and Variatus. Know i'm about out of room and need to sell some fish or.... well here is my idea, I'm going to keep them in stock tanks on the place and let them proliferate and market a much larger group I hope in the fall. I haven't decided how gung ho i want to go because i have quite a few fish right now. I have played with this before. A few summers ago we were moving and had to wait for our new place to be completed. This created a dilema for our fish which was solved by puting the fish in stock tanks at my grandparents place. It worked wonderfully, the main thing to watch is that the tanks don't run out of water. I think i will run a larger scale test of the original beta this summer.

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