Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nurse Cow Mania

For Those of you who have wondered about the picture on the blog header it is a pic I took when my daughter and I watched our nurse cow have a calf in the cottonwood trees in our north pasture. The calf is only a couple minutes old in the pic and still wet and slimy. That was a couple weeks ago and I should probably bring yall up to speed on the whole nurse cow program. Sara is the nurse cow, she is a milking Shorthorn cross I bought from my old boss who used her as a nurse cow. She has a terrible bag, I often wish I had a pasture in which I could keep her where nobody could see her. I am a little vain when it comes to udders. Sara's disposition isn't aggressive but she isn't what you would call pleasant either but she makes a lot of milk and with a little coaxing will take care of the calves I put on her, so she works. The calves in the above pictures are calves I bought off of a feedlot that is feeding slaughter cows and some of them up and calved. The exception is of course her natural calf which is the black brockle faced calf. I bought the other two a couple days after she calved and grafted them on, it has been about a two weeks now and things seem to be going smoothly. The two options I have to contemplate are to wean the calves in two months and bring in a new group or to leave these guys on and let them all grow huge on the vast quanities she produces. I'm leaning toward the second option. I would however really like to get another nurse cow or three. I will keep my eye out while in my travels for a likely canidate(s). Now the last question with which my mind has been wrestling is what to breed Sara to? I hate naming cows. I have been contemplating going back to a Milking Shorthorn with VERY strong udder traits but my mind has wandered over into the ABS Beef Catalog and I'm considering a Red Angus Bull. Maybe an Ayreshire wouldn't be a bad move? Well I'll leave yall with that to think on. I hope tomorrow I can get my Hog post done and bring you up to speed on the pig project.


  1. Hi, Thanks for the information. I don't know anything about cows but I would love to have a few miniatures. I like the Belted Galloways or Jerseys. I have 3 miniature horses and a quarterhorse mare, 6 dogs and about 26 chickens so I really don't NEED any more animals but it would be wonderful to add a couple of little cows or goats to the mix.
    ~Cathy (from Homesteading Today)~

  2. Hey, thanks Cathy. All those horses and no cows? You may NEED some cows to keep your horse to cattle ratio proper. There are so many different breeds of cattle that would be fun. Goats now I'm new to them myself but am really enjoying them. Thanks for the comment.