Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I had my wife take these pictures out of our kitchen window. It is nice to see so much green in June without having to irrigate all month. My pasture goes to the fence with wood posts in the background. You can also see the steel T-posts which are part of my management intensive grazing program (mig). The zone the calves are in has had ten days rest and the main herd just left the middle zone and moved to the furthest back zone but the are down at one end doing whatever it is they decided to do at the moment. The reason I'm blogging on these calves is that i'm collecting my thoughts on the beasts. Where they are now they won't even make a dent. There is about two acres of irrigated ground in that zone and I have a total of 5 zones one of which is about twice the size of the others but has many weeds. I will soon be blogging on that pasture and my sheep project that hopefully will make me money and fix that pastures problems all in one fell swoop. Back to the calves, I have located a large source for weaned and unweaned holstein bull calves like the ones seen here. Many of you know that I am an independant rep for ABS and I've been thinking that I could trade units of semen to some of these dairies that currently aren't buying from me for weaned calves. My commission would go towards the calves and I would have instant equity in them. I also hope that it would be a foot in the door for more sales down the road. The strategy is what needs to be developed next. If I was to say aquire ten to twenty more of the monsters what would be my next move? Would I just run them with my beef herd? Would I sell them this fall? Will they be eating my stockpiled reserves for my beef herd? Will I make decent money? When do I sell them? So many questions, yet I still like the idea.

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